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The darkest, blackest, heaviest, most ominous cloud is descended over our civilisation.

In America they call it the Deep State.

In Britain we call it the Power Elite because it is driven purely by power and no other consideration.

We also call it the Parasitic Elite because it sustains itself purely by parasitically sucking the blood of our society and contributes absolutely nothing of positive value.

And we also call it the Evil Elite because its actions are pure evil – not just bad but evil.

And yet many people do not even recognise that it exists. This in spite of the fact that the elite has completely altered, our history, our society, our morality, our prosperity to a gigantic degree.

It causes poverty and ruined lives as it extracts the wealth out of our economy and stashes it in tax havens. It corrupts the whole political class with offers of untold wealth and influence.

It has affected us is in the artificial manufacture of wars with all the destruction that accompanies total war.

Both world wars were quite unnecessary but were manufactured by the elite with its helpers working behind the scenes and 911 and the terrible wars of this century are all completely unnecessary to societies in general but serve the parasitic elite.

There is a long list of utter destruction wrought by the parasites

So given the fundamental way that the elite has changed everything, how is it that most people are hardly aware it exists?

Because the parasitic elite controls the information that is available to the people. In this it operates in the same way as many parasites in nature, for they have means of altering the nerve system of the organism they prey on so that the host does not recognise the parasite for what it is but believes it to be a necessary part of its own organism.

Douglass Carswell, well known as a former Conservative Party MP and a former UKIP MP, has recently published an essential insightful book describing how parasites come to rule societies not just in modern times but stretching back to antiquity.

The title of his book Parasites and Progressives refers directly to his theme. Societies and economies make at certain times enormous strides in creating enlightened prosperous societies and even civilisations.

These advances are due to new technologies, new forms of government or organisation, new cultural achievements, new philosophical or spiritual achievements or, most likely a combination of all of these

The problem comes in that these gains have to be defended against those who would use them not for activities that would contribute to the general progress but for activities that serve purely to extract richness from the society serving their own narrow interests to the detriment of everyone else.

These activities are of a quite different character to those of the rest of society.

Society could dispense with them without any loss which is why Carswell calls them parasites in contrast to progressives who work for the advancement of society.

This does not mean that the latters’ motives are purely altruistic but simply that their activities work with the grain of society enabling richness to grow and to be disseminated to more and more people and serve the common good.
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