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We are moving closer to living under a system of total politics very quickly. We used to live under limited politics until about 2000 – at least it seemed that way.


We had our normal lives involving family, job, friends, community and personal hopes and beliefs - and politics was just there in the background for the most part. Total politics impinges on every aspect of our lives for every minute and aims to control them.


All the Covid restrictions are about creating total politics, not just in what we can or cannot do, but in what we can or cannot think. Dissent is not an option. The best historical model for total politics is Mussolini’s fascist state, but let us pause for a moment to look at the origins of total politics.


The American Founding Fathers in the eighteenth century sought to create a system of limited politics whereby the nation would be defined as the constitution and that would operate in the background organising human affairs and legitimising leadership. Most people can identify with this aim.


The person who first invented total politics was Jean-Jacques Rousseau who conceived of politics as a total express of the “will of the people” and if you disagreed your position had to be corrected so that you properly represented this “will”. This lead to the dictatorship of Napoleon, the first modern totalitarian leader.


During the nineteenth century total politics continued to ferment below the surface for the most part and it was only in the twentieth century that it broke through to form governments. Nazism was clearly total politics but Mussolini’s fascism presents the clearest model.


In this let us set aside the fascist myths of the nation and a strong leader and look at the way the fascism state was organised. It was wholly corporatist. That is to say, everything is structural with vertical pyramidal control with no horizontal democratic institutions to interrupt and play havoc with the vertical channelling of power.


There may be many different pyramidal corporations but the advantage of this for corporate fascism is that they can all be integrated together so the total power is exercised from the apex.


With this understanding of corporatism we can see clearly how the UK is being restructured or “reset” or “re purposed” to dispense with democratic checks and balances and indeed all forms of institutional constraint that used to be considered the bedrock of British society, For instance, the civil service, which is supposed, under limited politics, to have a partially independent role – certainly to advise if not to direct. Under the Dominic Cummings scheme the civil service will be run from the Cabinet Office, ie the executive Prime Minister. A pyramidal control.


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