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The parasitic elite has been around in its modern form since the modern era started in the 17th century. But its international form started around 1900 as a British cabal who sort to make the British Empire the basis for what we would now call the new world order.


This tiny cabal wielded enormous financial power thanks to its theft of the diamond mines in South Africa and the might of the House of Rothschild, which had made its vast almost limitless fortune out of war.


The cabal engineered the First World War which realigned the world geopolitical map in favour of British power reducing its main rivals, Germany and Russia, to poverty and weakness. In the process European civilisation that had endured for a millennium was all but destroyed. WWI was the first great coup that the elite achieved.


The mayhem and destruction, physical, moral and cultural was all part of the plan. The beautiful architecture that graced our cities and physically embodied this civilisation was banished in favour of a sterile, inhuman, ideological modernist style to make clear the radical departure from our precious civilisation.


Since then they have continued to exercise their plan but more and more with a transatlantic dimension. The major wars of the twentieth century and the twenty-first are all due to the elite. But in spite of the devastation and wrecking of lives and nations, the elite stayed in the shadows as far as ordinary people were concerned.


It was there for all those who chose to investigate it, but twentieth century wars could be presented as just further wars such as always happen from time to time like a law of nature. In 2020 that all changed.


The Covid operation is the moment when the elite put their heads above the parapet and made their quest for world destruction and domination clear. The climate operation was a forerunner for Covid (Covert Operation Via Infectious Disease) and although it had done a lot to undermine and weaken our economies and depress people’s standard of living, it was not as blatant as Covid is.


The Covid operation is destroying jobs, lives, economies, hope and morale before our eyes. No previous governments, however malign, have done this so rapidly and visibly.


The neoliberal revolution associated with Thatcher and Reagan in the 1980s did much the same job but it was cloaked in economic theory, that although wholly perverse, at least had a semblance of logic and was based on some serious academic thinkers.


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